M/s H. R. Consultants

M/s H. R. Consultants, Financial Consultants, Best Financial Consultant is a unit of M/s Harsh Rathi & Co., Chartered Accountants and M/s Madhu Textiles, Loan Advisory Services. It is promoted by the CA. Harsh R. Rathi and Tina Harsh Rathi. The aim of the enterprise is to help small and medium enterprises and individuals with their regulatory compliances including bookkeeping.

We are one of the top reputed HR Consulting Firm, catering to the staffing needs of corporate firms and multinationals. We are flourished with an active and efficient Human Resource department, which is an important factor for organizational success. We are being managed by professionally qualified, long experienced team members in the field of Personnel, Administration, Legal and HR. The team has diverse knowledge and know-how of different industries. This enables us to understand your requirement as well as serve you better. Working with us is an added advantage as we also provide the outsourcing services, labour laws consultation that enables you to have total manpower solution at one place.

Our Vision

“To make regulatory compliance for individual clients a good experience with our high levels of service.”

Our Vision

“To help bringing the renowned expert professional attitude and aptitude to contribute in strengthening the overall compliance of the nation in line with global scenario.”

One Stop Shop

Solutions to all accounting, HR Planning, taxation and related services by competent resources under on roof. Integrated data management systems make the compliance less cumbersome and resource efficient.

Save your time and energy by appointing us as a one stop service provider. Advance workflow system reduces your number of visits and duration of each visit for all your needs.

Services We Offer

HR Recruitment & Training Services:

  • Manpower recruitment and consultancy.
  • Training HR for jobs/interviews.
  • Soft Skills training to prospective candidates.
  • Making candidates “Industry Ready” by understanding needs of employers.
  • Facilitating the gap between Industry Requirement & Candidates willing for employment.
  • Other HR related issues.

Accounting Services :

  • Financial and Management Accounting.
  • Maintenance of books of accounts – manual/computerized.
  • Preparing final accounts.
  • Application of statutory provisions, compliances with of Accounting Standards and other pronouncements of ICAI.
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements.
  • Preparing and reviewing budgets.
  • Preparing and reviewing fund flow and cash flow statements.

Taxation :

  • Direct and Indirect Taxation-consultancy.
  • Computation of Total Income under Income Tax Law.
  • Computation of Total Wealth under Wealth Tax Law.
  • Preparation and filing of returns under various direct tax laws like Income Tax, Wealth Tax etc.
  • Valuation of Stocks, securities etc. for the purpose of various direct tax laws e.g. Wealth Tax, Income from Capital Gains etc.
  • Tax Planning.
  • Drafting of relevant deeds, documents, schemes etc.
  • Preparation and filing of returns under various Indirect Tax Laws like Excise Law, Central Sales Tax, State Sales Tax, Service Tax, Expenditure Tax etc.
  • Classification and valuation under various indirect tax laws.
  • Procedural Compliance under various direct and indirect tax laws e.g. Tax Deduction/Collection at source, interest for late payment of taxes, appeals etc.
  • TDS Returns Filing
  • Revision of Returns
  • Tax Help
  • Counseling by Expert Professionals
  • Personalized Services
  • Tax guidance
  • Advance Tax
  • Calculation of TDS
  • Reminder of due dates for all taxes and laws.

Service Tax :

  • Filling and filing of forms & returns.
  • Retainers help.
  • Registration.

Wealth Tax/Professional Tax :

  • Applicability.
  • Return Filing.

Management Consultancy :

  • For Corporate Clients/ Non Corporate Clients.
  • Preparation of fund flow and cash flow statements and forecasts.
  • Projection of working capital requirements.
  • Preparation of project reports.
  • Preparation and processing of loan applications.
  • Amalgamation and merger schemes.
  • Planning capital structure.
  • Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Formation of companies.
  • Preparation and Analysis of Prospectus.
  • Raising of Capital, new issues and matters concerned therewith including SEBI Guidelines.
  • Drafting of Minutes.
  • Insolvency/Liquidation Proceedings.
  • Work study.
  • Organizational Structure Consultancy.
  • Design and conduct of training programmes.
  • Corporate Planning.

Information Technology including computer applications:

  • Business Process Outsourcing.
  • Guidance on usage of customized or standard accounting packages, ERP s/w etc.
  • Developing and maintaining Databases.
  • Data Extraction and Analysis Techniques.
  • E-commerce : Audit and Legal considerations.
  • System Development Life Cycle.
  • Business Continuity Planning.
  • Information Security.
  • Information Systems Audit.
  • Cyber Law and Information Technology-Consultancy.

Professional Setup :

Designed with state of the art infrastructure to address the changing needs of the digital age. Latest internet connectivity and cutting edge technology provides confidentiality and integrity of your valuable information

Experienced consultants, with requisite qualifications, trained by renowned professionals help our firm to give you a pleasant experience at affordable rates.